K-9 Cooling Vests

The K-9 cooling vest provided by PPA is a professional grade cooling vest that is designed for working dogs (police, military, search and rescue, etc.) or any professional working K9 that is exposed to temperatures or conditions that would inhibit the K-9’s work or safety. The vest provides hours of cooling comfort and heat stress prevention using the latest technology called TechKewlVest-pPhase Change Material (PCM) to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around the K-9.

Unlike most standard dog cooling vests, the PCM K-9 vest covers 100% of the K-9’s torso/sides and back as well as their chest and neck. These cooling vests are light-weight and can be used under ballistic vests when needed. They not only help to maintain a safe body temperature for the K-9s to work in, but also provide much-needed cooling relief during extended work deployments such as Search and Rescue, Tracking, and deep woods engagements. The vests also have velcro strips along both sides for agency identification patches if needed.

The cooling vest uses a unique Phase Change Material (PCM),
a non-toxic chemical that freezes at 58F and stays at that temperature for 2-3 hrs. PCM absorbs heat away from the K-9.

This is not an ice pack device which uses frozen ice packs to cool. With PCM there is no ice burn, condensation, fluctuating temperatures or most importantly discomfort from the cold. The Cool Pax inserts are non-toxic, non-flammable, durable, reusable, lighter than water, does not produce condensation and releases long-lasting, temperature specific (58 F, 14 C), cooling relief for the K-9.

Overview of Important Facts on Cooling with PCM:

• PCM activation: 45 mins in freezer, fridge or ice water

pcm• PCM vests can also be fully re-charged in the field by simply wrapping the vest around a standard grocery store/gas station bag of ice for 20-30 mins

• PCM conforms to the body and has comfortable corners

• PCM provides “comfortable” constant cooling

• PCM has No risk of ice burns or condensation

• PCM delivers targeted temperature of 58F (14C)

• PCM is 30% lighter than water

• PCM freezes at 58F (14C)

• PCM cooling duration: 2-3 hrs

• PCM vests are completely washable

Vest opening


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