Equipment List

Project Paws Alive currently focuses on donating seven main pieces of equipment: (1) K9 Ballistic Vests, (2) K9 First Aid Field Trauma Kits, (3) K9 Cooling Vests, (4) K9 Vehicle Heat Alarms (5) specialized Pet Oxygen Recovery Mask kits for First Responder Agencies, (6) K9 Protective Boots, and (7) K9 NARCAN kits.

All equipment provided by Project Paws Alive is professionally made by licensed companies to meet all state and federal regulations and is purchased directly from the manufacturer. We do not make or assemble any items such as “home-made” K9 first aid kits. We will only donate professional grade equipment certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the National Institute for Public Safety (NIPS).

For more information on each piece of equipment please select an item below.

K9 Ballistic Vest        K9 First Aid Field Trauma Kits

K9 Cooling Vests       Pet Oxygen Recovery Mask Kits

K9 Vehicle Heat Alarms      K9 Protective Boots