Kids for Canine Soldiers

A Fundraiser led by Avlyn S. Randolph, age 9 yrs 

To many of us, dogs are the most loyal animals on Earth. They catch our tears, hear our deepest fears, and fill our lives with much needed joy. Military working dogs are canine soldiers. They bring all of these same gifts to their human soldier, but they don’t stop there. They are fighting for our safety and our freedom while working tirelessly to save their human soldier’s life, their best friend.

It’s a disgrace to think that such noble soldiers are led into combat without the proper equipment. Are you shocked and disheartened to learn that because they are dogs, certain government funds cannot be used to buy the vital protective equipment they need to be as safe as their human soldiers? Bullet/stab resistant vests, first aid kits, and more are desperately needed and should be standard issued equipment to animals whose inherent senses and abilities are vital to our country. Sadly, this is not the case. Please help us fill this need.

In such uncertain times of Covid-19 and general societal disharmony, the anniversary of 9/11 should remind all of us how quickly things can change and elevate our gratitude to our US Military. Serving and focusing on helping others is the key to thankfulness! Please unite with us, so we can quickly raise enough money so all 14 K9 military working dogs of the United States Air Force 21st Security Forces Squadron can have the vital protective equipment they need to stay alive so they, too, can someday retire and live out the rest of their lives as respected veteran heroes of the United States of America. We hope this brings some amount of peace to the 14 human soldiers praying for their dogs to have the equipment they deserve. To you soldiers: the daily anguish and stress must be great, but please know that we are working on our end to assist you. Please stay safe…God Speed.

No donation amount is too small or too large. Cash, credit, PayPal, & checks are all accepted and are a tax deduction. Please include in the Memo section of your check “Kids For Canine Soldiers“. In the end, we cannot take our money with us, so let us live lives of meaning and help those who are indeed in great need of our help.

Further information detailing the equipment and USAF 21st SFS can be found here on Project Paws Alive’s 21ST SFS fundraiser page.

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Please make all checks payable to Project Paws Alive
and include “Kids For Canine Soldiers” in the memo line.

Fundraiser total as of 6/18/21: $1,815

*This is an independently run community fundraiser.
For any questions please contact