K9 Danka

UPDATE: As of 12/10/19 this fundraiser is fully funded.

A huge THANK YOU to volunteer Kathy Story for leading this campaign and achieving full funding!


K9 Danka’s fundraiser is to provide vital protective K9 equipment for use while working. The equipment goal consists of a military grade first aid field trauma kit, PCM K9 cooling vest, and K9 heat alarm system.

K9 Danka is a 6-year-old Sable German Shepherd. Danka has been with partner, Sandra Jacobson, since she was a puppy and started obedience training as soon as she could. Danka has completed advanced obedience, controlled protection, and detection work training on and off leash. She is trained in verbal and hand signals. Her verbal commands are in German.

Danka loves to work! When she and Sandra are gearing up for work, she watches her every move until she says “kennel up”. She knows she is going to work and can barely contain herself. When not working, Danka loves playing fetch and swimming in the lake. If she could, she would do both 24/7. The team are members of, and certified by, the California Narcotic Canine Association (CNCA).

To keep Danka safe while working she needs the following items.

The Tactical K9 First Aid Field Trauma Kit with Combat Gauze is a military-grade kit designed for use by Law Enforcement, Military, Fire, and Search & Rescue K9 Units. This kit contains specific supplies needed to treat the K9 for injuries ranging from gunshot and knife wounds to snake bites. The kit provides the necessary tools to address the major traumatic injuries common to K9’s operating in the law enforcement environment as well as common K9 emergencies such as heat injury and toxic ingestion.
Constructed of rugged 500D Cordura with self-repairing zippers and silent 550 cord pulls, the kit is also water-resistant. The MOLLE style webbing and Infrared Signature Reduction make this kit the superior solution whether on daily patrol, tactical missions, explosives details, covert operations, or extended search and tracking purposes.

While emergency care is often readily available to the handler, the same cannot be said of their canine partner. Equipping them with a K9 tactical first aid trauma kit for use in the field can make a huge difference. Distribution of these kits will give the handlers the means to do just that. In addition, everything in the kit can also be used to treat and/or the save the life of a human.

The K9 cooling vest is a professional grade cooling vest that is designed for working dogs (police, military, search and rescue, etc.) or any professional working K9 that is exposed to temperatures or conditions that would inhibit the K9’s work or safety. The vest provides hours of cooling comfort and heat stress prevention using the latest technology called Phase Change Material (PCM) to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around the K9.

The AceK9 vehicle systems are designed to monitor, detect, and protect the K9s at all times even when the handler is away from the vehicle. Our maximum level system package is comprised of a Heat Alarm Pro System, Ace Watchdog Smart Phone technology package, No K9 Left behind alert system, and engine stall, carbon, smoke, and fire detection.

The units monitor and alert on vital components including temperature, vehicle battery voltage, engine stall, and include a smoke and carbon alert system. This system not only makes automatic corrective actions to the heat such as opening windows and turning on fans, it audibly and visually alerts everyone nearby. From beginning to end the officer is alerted via horns, sirens, lights and digital transmitters worn on their person. The unit also includes a cold temp alert should the vehicle temp drop below a set degree for year-round K9 protection.

Systems also include the “No K9 Left Behind” feature which is exclusive to Ace K9 systems and provides an end of shift system monitor which will alert and continue to alert until the door to the K9 has been fully opened to release the K9 and the officer has acknowledged the release of the K9. Thus providing yet another layer of safety to protect against distractions and other instances where a K9 may be accidentally left in a vehicle at the end of shift.

The AceWatchDog application is a another feature of the system that allows 24/7 live system monitoring and enables multiple resources such as other handlers and supervisors to monitor the system and receive notifications via their phone to ensure the K9 is safe. The system has unlimited monitoring range through the internet to anywhere in the world. This application allows K9 Units to receive warning notifications before the danger and alarms happen so they can take action to ensure the K9 is safe.

Most K9 Units do not have the budget to purchase these life-saving pieces of equipment.
Please consider donating or becoming a sponsor today and help protect K9 Danka.
The goal is to raise $5,100 to provide this vital equipment.

All donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible.

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About: Community lead fundraisers are independently run volunteer events.

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