Kevlar K9 Boots

CaptureIncreasing the range and duration of a Search and Rescue (SAR) K9 or other first responder working dogs could save your life or a loved one’s life.

Often when tragedy strikes, emergency services deploy four-legged rescuers with their human partners to help in the disaster recovery process. These search and rescue dogs are a vital part of any disaster recovery plan from tragedies including 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, hurricanes, tornadoes, building collapses and other catastrophes and natural disasters.

perros-atentados-unidades-caninas-11sSearch and rescue dogs, with their incredible instinct and intense training often go into places human rescuers are unable to reach, facing hazardous conditions and terrain. With their extraordinary hearing and sense of smell, these four-legged live-savers often find victims human rescuers may not be able to hear, see or reach.

However, there is a considerable amount of immediate physical danger search-and-rescue dogs face, especially to their paws. They are prone to cuts from glass, rocks, and debris. Their paws can be punctured by nails, thorns, and other sharp objects. Weather also takes a toll on their paws. rescue-dog-wtc-09-15-2001-closeupIn urban settings other dangers exist such as needles, razor blades, and metal fragments. More and more SAR dogs are being exposed to dangerous liquids, powders, and other toxins absorbed through their pads. At Ground Zero and the Pentagon, search-and-rescue dogs encountered puddles of diesel fuel, gasoline, cleaning products, oils, glass, metals, asbestos and acids, among other visible material.

Many SAR teams are run 100% on donations and are often comprised of volunteers. article-0-0BE0436A00000578-602_634x390In addition to normal food, boarding, and medical costs, the canines require many, many months of training and state and federal level certifications which are quite costly. The majority of SAR K9 handlers pay for their own travel and lodging costs when are called upon to assist with SAR events. Therefore, in most cases a full set of four Kevlar dog boots is cost prohibitive at about $150 per set. The boots are available in various sizes determined by the width and length of the respective K9’s paws.


Each K9 Protective Boot set provided by Project Paws Alive includes:

  • Generous layers of Kevlar in the sole and front panel
  • Reflective foil and insulating foam in base deflects heat from hot surfaces
  • Paw protection in extreme situations with glass, sharp rocks, cactus, hot pavement and debris
  • Easy to put on, with unique split side seams
  • Foam pads on the inside of the boot, placed above the carpal pad, lock the boot in place and cushions the paw during rapid activity
  • Two easy-to-adjust closures. Able to periodically re-tighten if necessary.
  • Water resistant 1000 denier ballistic nylon with the toe and sole covered in a skid resistant material
  • Set of 4 boots in a reusable mesh bag










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