Phenix City Police Department K9 Unit

We are pleased to announce that Project Paws Alive has teamed up with Companion Animal Hospital in Phenix City, Alabama in an effort to raise funds to assist the Phenix City Police Department K9 unit.Companion Animal Hospital

The Phenix City Police K9 unit is currently in need of two (2) K9 Vehicle Heat Alarm Systems for their patrol units. Project Paws Alive, a 501c organization, is currently accepting donations on behalf of Companion Animal Hospital and the Phenix City Police Department. All donations are tax deductible and can be made by clicking the DONATE button at the bottom of the page.



Due to overwhelming equipment requests in light of the recent K-9 deaths from overheating/heat stroke, Project Paws Alive has added K-9 Heat Alarms to our list of equipment.

Every year dogs die from being left in unattended and overheated vehicles. Police vehicles typically leave the car’s AC running if they are not in the vehicle with their K-9. These K-9s dutifully protect their communities and handlers without hesitation and do it happily. But what happens if the AC starts to push out hot air? What happens if the engine shuts off? The horrific reality is that the vehicle will overheat rapidly and the K-9 will be trapped inside with no way to get out. Tragically, K-9s die from these heat-stroke related accidents every year.

Due to budget cuts in departments everywhere, police K-9s are going without life-saving equipment including vehicle Heat Alarms.PCPD

What if you could prevent this and help save a K-9s life or prevent K-9 heat stroke?  YOU CAN! 

Project Paws Alive has created a nationwide K-9 Heat Alarm Fund to provide law enforcement K-9 Units with K-9 Heat Alarm systems for agencies that cannot afford to purchase the equipment for their K-9 vehicles.

Depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle each top-line unit with full options is $2,500 – $3,000.

The K-9 Heat Alarm units are the best available professional units on the market which monitor and alert high heat vehicle cabin temperatures AND include a door-popper system which will enable to K-9 to exit the vehicle automatically in the event the officer is unable to respond in time. This system not only makes automatic corrective actions to the heat, it audibly and visually alerts everyone nearby. As a last measure, the system will open the vehicle door allowing the K-9 to exit. From beginning to end the officer is alerted via horns, sirens, lights and digital transmitters worn on their person.
The unit also includes a cold temp alert should the vehicle temp drop below a set degree for year-round K-9 protection.

Project Paws Alive will include the “No K9 Left Behind” add-on to each system donated. The “No K9 Left Behind” option is exclusive to AceK9 and provides an end of shift system monitor which will alert and continue to alert until the door to the K-9 has been fully opened to release the K9 and the officer has acknowledged the release of the K-9. Thus providing yet another layer of safety to protect against distractions and other instances where a K-9 may be accidentally left in a vehicle at the end of shift.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the K-9 Heat Alarm Fund for PHENIX CITY K-9 Unit please use the PayPal button below.

Checks may also be mailed to Project Paws Alive Inc., 1911 Grayson Highway, Suite 8-158, Grayson, GA 30017. Please include “PHENIX CITY” in the memo line.