Pets in Paulding County Benefit from Project Paws Alive Donation

PFFRFBPets in Paulding County Benefit from Donation

Fire Department to Carry Oxygen Masks Designed for Cats & Dogs

Hiram, Georgia – Today Paulding County Fire & Rescue announced it has received a generous donation of pet oxygen masks from Project Paws Alive. This includes enough supplies to outfit every emergency response vehicle in the county. The masks are specially designed to fit pets, and they will be used for resuscitation after a dog or cat is rescued from a fire.

According to Mrs. Lois Diehl, who spearheaded the fundraising effort, “I couldn’t be happier how this will facilitate life-saving equipment for the pets of Paulding County. As well, I couldn’t be more pleased at how receptive and willing Paulding Fire & Rescue was in working at every step of this fundraiser. There couldn’t be a better example of how our Fire department and local residents have joined together to bring an important service to our community.”

635870598176402734-chihuahua2Chief Joey Pelfrey added, “It is amazing to see such generosity and hard work among citizens in Paulding County. We are gratified to receive this donation and look forward to adding pet oxygen masks to our other emergency medical equipment. Thanks especially to Mrs. Diehl for making this a reality.”

On Saturday, February 6th, 2016 at 2:00pm there will be a brief ceremony recognizing all of the donors and to officially place the masks in service. The program will be held at Paulding County Fire Station #2, located at 535 Seaboard Avenue in Hiram, and is open to the public.

About Project Paws Alive: Project Paws Alive, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that is 100% volunteer based and our mission is to provide vital K9 equipment such as stab & bullet protective vests and first aid field trauma kits to law enforcement, fire, search & rescue, and military K-9s throughout the United States. Project Paws Alive relies solely on donations to provide lifesaving equipment to underfunded agencies. We maintain a waitlist for assistance. All donations are tax-deductible. For more information please visit their web site at:

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Press release by Paulding County Fire & Rescue

Paulding County Fire & Rescue Contact: Steve Mapes Public Information Officer 678-383-3416

Snellville PD’s K-9s get protective equipment – Fox 5 Atlanta


Bullet proof vests are not only for police officers; they are also for the dogs who serve with them. The K-9 unit at Snellville’s police department got outfitted with the vests made for their four-legged counterparts on Tuesday.
Officer Phil Halladay has had his K9 partner, Duko, for a year now. “To have him there with me, knowing he would sacrifice his life for me is a great benefit,” Halladay said.

Duko now has his own life-saving protection. It’s hard to put on at times, but Officer Halladay turns it into a game, knowing the piece of equipment could save his dog’s life.
“You start building that bond with them, you live with them, you train with them, you feed them and take care of them, so knowing he has the same protection I do really helps my confidence in him and my confidence in what he can do for me,” Halladay.All four K-9’s at Snellville’s police department now have vests that are bulletproof and knife-proof.

Sgt. Will Collins says it’s a relief knowing that his partner now has protection too.
“He is a police officer and I couldn’t imagine what would happen…if I lost my dog, and how emotional that would be,” Collins said.

Project Paws Alive, the group that raised the money for the equipment, also gave each K-9 unit a trauma kit to treat everything from a gunshot wound to a snake bite.

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Snellville K-9 Unit Vest Presentation – March 25, 2013

Phil and K9 DukoDW Peters and CoopSnellville K9Join Project Paws Alive at the Snellville, GA City Hall on March 25, 2013 at 7:30pm to attend the equipment presentations to K-9 Coop and K-9 Duko of the Snellville, GA Police K-9 Unit. Both K-9s will be receiving custom-made protective (ballistic) vests and K-9 field trauma kits to keep them safe while on duty. The equipment has been sponsored in large part by the Analytical Forensic Associates of Lilburn, GA. A meet and greet with the K-9s and their officer handlers will be available.