Ana Levey Bat Mitzvah

Hello, I am Ana.

I would like to help Project Paws Alive raise money to help keep our K9 military dogs safe while they are in battle protecting our troops.  Project Paws Alive is looking for people to either donate funds to buy K9 equipment or to donate equipment if they have it. They are interested in purchasing or collecting the following items:  Military grade first aid kits K9 bullet/stab proof vests, K9 field trauma cooling vests, and K9 Narcan kits, to stop accidental overdoses.

I am trying to raise at least $1,000 in monetary donations and/or actual military gear to keep dogs safe in battle. I am helping Project Paws Alive for my Mitzvah Project for my Bat Mitzvah. I chose to work with Project Paws Alive, not only because I love dogs, but because my dad is a retired Federal Agent. While he was working for The Department of Homeland Security, he introduced me to various K9 dogs and their handlers. After I met with them, I asked my dad if there was a way I could help them and one of the handlers that there are many organizations out there that would like to help keep these dogs safe. While I was helping my mom drop off my dog for doggie day care at Best Friends Pet Hotel, I noticed a flyer hanging on the bulletin board, asking for donations of military gear to keep combat dogs safe.  It sparked my interest, I read the article and I was impressed by Project Paws Alive mission to help keep K9 military dogs safe while in combat. At that moment I decided I wanted to help Project Paws Alive achieve their goal.

I believe animals need to be treated in a fair way. If animals need something, people should raise money to help them because they cannot support/speak for themselves.  If we do not protect our animals, they can be severely injured or lose their lives. As I said in the beginning, I’m asking you to help me raise at least $1,000 so Project Paw Alive can buy military grade first aid kits, K9 bullet/stab proof vests, K9 field trauma cooling vests and K9 narcan kits to keep our military dogs safe while they are in battle. I hope you can support this cause by donating money or donating gear.  It would mean a lot to the dogs and their handlers. My family adopted a rescue dog from a shelter. I know if she was in the military or worked for a police organization, I would want you to help keep her safe by donating money/gear to Project Paws Alive. If you are unable to donate money or gear, maybe you can donate your time volunteering for Project Paws Alive.

Please support me by donating using my fundraiser PayPal link below.




Please make all checks payable to Project Paws Alive and include “Ana Levey” in the memo line.

You can also share my fundraiser by email or on social media. My direct donation link is:

For full details on all the K9 equipment items included in this fundraiser, please visit the equipment web page at 

Thank you.

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