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Bullet proof vests are not only for police officers; they are also for the dogs who serve with them. The K-9 unit at Snellville’s police department got outfitted with the vests made for their four-legged counterparts on Tuesday.
Officer Phil Halladay has had his K9 partner, Duko, for a year now. “To have him there with me, knowing he would sacrifice his life for me is a great benefit,” Halladay said.

Duko now has his own life-saving protection. It’s hard to put on at times, but Officer Halladay turns it into a game, knowing the piece of equipment could save his dog’s life.
“You start building that bond with them, you live with them, you train with them, you feed them and take care of them, so knowing he has the same protection I do really helps my confidence in him and my confidence in what he can do for me,” Halladay.All four K-9’s at Snellville’s police department now have vests that are bulletproof and knife-proof.

Sgt. Will Collins says it’s a relief knowing that his partner now has protection too.
“He is a police officer and I couldn’t imagine what would happen…if I lost my dog, and how emotional that would be,” Collins said.

Project Paws Alive, the group that raised the money for the equipment, also gave each K-9 unit a trauma kit to treat everything from a gunshot wound to a snake bite.

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