K-9 Zeke First Aid Field Trauma Kit Fundraiser

2326020_GK-9 Tactical First Aid Field Trauma Kit Fundraiser for K-9 Zeke and his fellow HPD K-9 Unit members.

Project Paws Alive recently completed a K-9 protective vest fundraiser for K-9 Zeke, the Harrisburg Police K-9 who was shot on March 15th while assisting with a call in Lower Paxton Township, PA. Zeke, a two-and-a-half year old Belgian Malinois, was flown to a veterinary hospital in Mechanicsburg after being shot in the neck during the police call. After over two hours of surgery to remove a bullet lodged in his neck, MeikK-9 Zeke is now home recovering. Full video can be seen here: ABC 27 News.

K-9 Zeke however needs a K-9 Tactical First Aid Field Trauma Kit for his safety while on duty, as do the four other working canine members of his Harrisburg PD K-9 Unit.

HAwkinsThe K-9 Tactical First Aid Field Trauma Kit is the most complete and versatile professional K-9 first aid kit available and is military grade. The K-9 Tactical First Aid Field Trauma Kit is designed to enable handlers to provide lifesaving treatment to injured canines at the point of injury or when veterinary care is not immediately available. This kit and its contents are compact, durable and allow reliable and versatile interventions wherever the need arises. PeiperThe kit provides the necessary tools to address the major traumatic injuries common to K-9’s operating in the military and law enforcement environment as well as common K-9 emergencies such as bloat, heat injury, and toxic ingestion. The kit will enable the handler to address everything from a snake bite to a gunshot wound.

Additionally, everything in the kit can also be used on the handler if needed.k9 trauma

This kit maximizes storage space while maintaining a compact profile. The kit can be slung over the shoulder in bandolier fashion, hand-carried, or worn around the waist as a belly-bag. The kit is also designed to quickly attach to most K-9 ballistic vests, K-9 cooling vests, and K-9 ID vest/harnesses if needed. Click here for more details on the K-9 First Aid Field Trauma Kit.

Please consider donating today. Our goal is to raise $1,750 for all five kits.  All donations are tax-deductible.

You may donate directly  via the secure PayPal button below.

Checks can also be mailed to Project Paws Alive, 1911 Grayson Highway, Suite 8-158, Grayson, GA 30017. Please make all checks payable to Project Paws Alive and indicate “Zeke” in the memo line.

80-0301_aProject Paws Alive Inc. is a Georgia non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer based, and raises funds to donate life-saving equipment to law enforcement, military, and first responder agencies throughout the US. Project Paws Alive relies solely on donations and sponsors to provide the lifesaving equipment. Our mission is to help public safety officials and first responders save the lives of domestic pets with specially designed pet oxygen mask recovery kits, and to provide stab & bullet proof protective vests and trauma kits to law enforcement and military K-9s.