Analytical Forensic Associates Joins Project Paws Alive to Vest Snellville PD K-9s.

Lilburn based Analytical Forensic Associates becomes a Gold Sponsor with Project Paws Alive to provide protective ballistic vests and field trauma kits to K-9s Coop and Duko of the Snellville Police Department. Analytical Forensic Associates’ major sponsorship combined with general donation funds through Project Paws Alive will provide the lifesaving body armor retailing for $1400 each and the vests will be embroidered with the respective K-9’s name.

All vests donated by Project Paws Alive meet current National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic regulations. All vests are bullet-proof and stab-proof and are NIJ level IIA ballistic protection and level III spike protection. These vests help protect the K-9s from gun shots, stabbings, and other blunt force trauma such as being kicked, punched, or beaten with a weapon or other dangerous object while on duty. These protective vests are a vital piece of equipment to protect law enforcement K-9s. Project Paws Alive purchases the vests at cost from local supplier, Uniform Sales of America (, located in Lithia Springs, Georgia which provides and ships the vests.

The K-9 First Aid Field Trauma Kits are designed for use by Law Enforcement K-9 and EMS Search & Rescue K-9 Units. The kits donated contain specific supplies needed to treat the dog for injuries ranging from gunshot and knife wounds to insect bites.

While emergency care is readily available to the police officer, the same cannot be said of their canine partner. Training officers to administer first aid to their injured canine partner is only part of the solution, equipping them with a K-9 first aid trauma kit for use in the field can make a huge difference.

A vest presentation for the K-9 officers will be scheduled in 6-8 weeks when the custom-tailored vests are ready. The presentation will be open to the public and supporters are encouraged to attend.

About Analytical Forensic Associates:

Analytical Forensic Associates is a forensic laboratory specializing in the analysis of forensic evidence to determine if ignitable liquids, explosive residue, organic vegetables and lubricating oils are present in samples. The company primarily services fire investigators and cases involving insurance fraud. Principal/Laboratory Director, Laurel V. Mason, F-ABC, may be contacted directly at 770-982-0210 or via their website at


About Project Paws Alive:

Project Paws Alive Inc. is a Georgia non-profit organization that is all volunteer based, and raises funds to purchase life-saving equipment for law enforcement and first responder agencies primarily in Georgia, and throughout the Southeast when applicable.  Project Paws Alive relies solely on donations and sponsors to provide the lifesaving equipment that agencies cannot afford. Our mission is to help public safety officials and first responders save the lives of domestic pets with specially designed pet oxygen mask recovery kits, and to provide stab & bullet proof protective vests to law enforcement K-9s.

K9’s without a vest or with an expired vest are eligible to be added to the organization’s waiting list.

Project Paws Alive currently has a list of 11 police dogs needing vests.

To make a tax deductible donation, volunteer, or obtain more information about our organization please visit