Request Equipment

Please complete the Initial Equipment Request Form below.

Due to the volume of nationwide requests, we are maintaining a waitlist.

PPA has a 3 step in-take process for all requests:

  1. Complete the equipment form below and a PPA rep will be in contact with you.
  2. You will receive our equipment request packet. Fill it out, sign it, and return back to us.
  3. Upon receipt of your packet, a phone call will be scheduled with you to review your application.


  • PPA does not stockpile equipment. All equipment requests are fulfilled by conducting fundraisers.
  • We do not accept equipment donation requests from third parties, for-profit agencies, or businesses.
  • You must be a currently active member with a verifiable agency/department within the United States.
  • All applications are verified. False information will immediately disqualify your equipment request.
  • Equipment requests are NOT approved until you have completed steps # 2 & 3 above. If you have not spoken to us directly to review your application, we are not working on your request.

Thank You.